NIH Public Access Policy Compliance: NIHMS Portal Help

NIH Manuscript (NIHMS) Submission Process

  1. Deposit Files
  2. Initial Approval
  3. NIHMS Conversion 
  4. Final Approval
  5. PMCID Assigned
  6. Available in PMC

Log-In Help

The NIH has changed how some users log into their systems. Please follow any provided instructions. 

Please know that Google accounts are great options but there are known initial log-in issues with them. Please see the FAQs for more help or contact the NIH Help Desk. 

Approve or Deposit in NIHMS?

Both Methods C & D require authors to approve their articles - but some publishers may make the initial deposit on behalf of the author. See below for more information. 

Approval is done twice - after initial deposit (by author or publisher) and after the article has been converted by NIHMS staff. 

Method D

Some journals and publishers will deposit articles to PMC via NIHMS on the author's behalf (Method D). Authors are still required to approve the article in NIHMS. Typically authors will receive an email requesting them to log in to NIHMS and approve the article. 

Method C

If the publisher or the journal did not deposit articles to PMC on the author's behalf, then the authors are required to deposit and approve the article via NIHMS. 

If you are not sure if you need to approve or deposit and approve, log into your NIHMS account for additional guidance. 

Approval Process

Method C & D authors will need to approve their articles twice

  • after deposit (by publisher or author) and
  • after NIHMS staff has converted the file. 

Steps to Submit

NIHMS Video Tutorials

NIHMS Deposit (Step 1) and Initial Approval (Step 2) (6:14)

NIHMS Process Overview (4:30)

Note - this video does not contain step-by-step directions; the video was made using a beta form of the platform and it may not look exactly like this now but it gives a good overview of the process.