Middle East and North Africa: Diaspora


This page provides an introduction to books at Marquette Libraries about Muslims living outside of the Middle East and North Africa, which constitutes most of them, in fact.  You can use the sample books noted here to find more like them by clicking on the Subject categories on the bibliographic record for the book.

You can also search for more books on a topic using the Advanced Keyword Screen below.  Change the first search window to Subject Heading by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of Any Field.  Then enter the same of a country, such as:  Indonesia.  Then in the window below enter keywords such as: Islam* or Muslim*.  The asterisk gets you all words formed from that root, including plurals.  This search results in over 130 hits.  Refine your search by entering more keywords.

You might also explore your topic in the Oxford Islamic Studies Online

For suggestions on finding articles on a topic click on the Islamic Studies Guide tab and then on the Articles tab..

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