Middle East and North Africa: Films & TV

Films at MU Libraries

Marquette Libraries have over 3,500 films in various formats, from VHS to Streaming Video.  For an overview and a search window to find particular films click here.


The PBS Frontline series of documentaries includes several excellent ones on the Middle East.  Click on

Frontline homepage. On the upper right in their archive for relevant shows. Browse by date or topic, or search by keyword. Here are some examples:

Battle for Syria

Al Qaeda in Yemen

Syria Undercover

The Secret War

Revolution in Cairo

Behind the Taliban Lines

Death in Tehran

Egypt: Eyewitness to an Uprising

Obama's War

Bush's War

Showdown with Iran

Gangs of Iraq

The Insurgency

The Torture Question

Israel's Next War

What feature films do we have in Arabic (or French or German or . . .?

To find what films we have in a particular language do the following:

1.  In the Advanced Keyword Search box immediately below enter this in the first search window, including the quotes:  "feature films"

2.  Find Language below the search windows, click on the dropdown arrow to the right, and select the language you want.

3.  Click on Submit.

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