Durable Links: JSTOR

Article Links That Last for D2L, Wikis, etc.

"Guide on the Side" Tutorial to find link and insert link in D2L - JSTOR

Below are links to "guide on the side," tutorial JSTOR.

Guide on the side tutorials will open a webpage with directions on the left side of your screen and provide step by step directions to find a permalink and how to insert it into your D2L class. 

You will be prompted to log-in to the library network using your Marquette credentials. Please use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Microsoft Edge will not work. 

Creating Stable URLs - Step-by-Step



Click on the PDF link or Download PDF button for the article.



Copy the Stable URL from the opening page of the document (you may be prompted to click "Accept JSTOR's terms and conditions and proceed to PDF" first) and paste it in the desired resource.

Copy the stable URL from the opening page of the document