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Article Databases for History

Below are the top article databases for starting with history research.  But for a complete list, please go to the history databases page.

Tips for finding books with subject categories

Subject searching is a specialized technique using categories defined by the Library of Congress.  It can help you break down large numbers of hits into manageable sets.  It also results in "clean" hits only about the categories in question. 

To start, change the search window in the box below to Subject by using the dropdown arrow to the left, currently labeled Title.  Then search on the name of a war, such as Korean War, or Vietnam War.  With this technique you are actually searching in an electronic dictionary of Library of Congress subject categories, all of which begin with the name of the war you entered.  Use the list of categories to break out the topic into more useful groups.

Be careful, however: you have to use the correct name for the war.  To the Library of Congress, World War I is World War 1914 1918.  World War II is World War 1939 1945.  If you type in an incorrect name for a category you will often be prompted with the correct one.  Also pay attention to the subject categories in the bibliographic entries for the relevant books you have found already.  Use these categories to find more books like the ones you have.




Tools: Advanced Search

Overviews and Introductions

This is just a sample ... Use MARQCAT to find more!


We have a couple larger collections of e-books.  Although all e-books are also listed in MARQCAT, you can search each collection directly using the links below. The ebrary collection in particular has a good collection of books directly related to military studies, and the ACLS Humanities Project has a good coverage for history.