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Meta site

This is the best I can currently find as an example of a free site that offers information organized by industry.  There used to be more free sites, now they're mostly fee-based.

US Census Bureau

For the United States, an important source of industry data is the US Census Bureau, which produces a huge volume of data. It mostly uses the NAICS code to organize the data. (So if you're not sure what codes may apply to the industry you're researching, please click here.)  Below are links to the websites for many of the publications from the Census Bureau.

Other US federal agencies

Trade associations

Trade associations often provide an alternate source for data ... when data from US federal agencies doesn't have what you need, it's worthwhile to check what these trade associations collect and publish.  (The motorcycle industry is a prime example of the shortcomings of federally collected data; click here for more explanation.)

This list is merely a sample ... To search for trade associations systematically, use the link below to get to the online version of the Encyclopedia of Associations (in Bus. & Co. Resource Ctr.)

Apart from the ISM (a major organization, and one with relevance to many industries), most of the associations I list below are ones with relevance to a local Milwaukee company or industry (e.g. Motorcycle Industry Council = Harley-Davidson Inc.) 

Some publications