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This page focuses on resources for finding news about specific companies.  News, in the sense of current events for a company. 

By definition, news articles are not scholarly.  If you need scholarly articles, please try the sources listed here.

Trade journal article databases

Some of these databases also contain more than just trade journal articles, some scholarly, some popular, even some newswires. But their strength is in their coverage of the trades.

Use these databases when you're researching specific companies or industries.

Trade journal articles usually ...

 –   are written by people who work in or specialize in a particular industry / profession, but are not scholars
 –   provide current news and information about the industry and the companies in it

News article databases

Use these databases when you're researching specific companies, especially if the company is small or private. Use them also if you're researching business conditions at a local level, not regional or national.

Searching in newspaper databases is not always as easy as in other article databases: they do not usually have any subject terms, so usually you must put more thought into finding alternate search terms. I suggest starting with the BIG news article databases at the bottom of this section.

The BIG news article databases: