MBA 6130 - Corporate Social Responsibility: Topic Starting Points

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What's on this page

This page has resources to get you started on the specific topics you've chosen.  Use the links in the table of contents area (left margin) to go to specific topics.

DEI in companies

What is DEI?  Break it up ...

This can mean any or all of the following (and probably in other areas also):

  • DEI in the governance of the company, meaning usually within the upper management and board (if there is one).
  • DEI practices in the hiring and recruitment of employees
  • DEI in training and employee development 
  • DEI in the company supply chain
Article searching:

When doing articles searches, each topic should be searched separately for best results. Then you can use the filters more effectively.

  • Use ABI-Inform Global or Emerald for scholarly business articles
  • Use ABI-Inform Collection for trade journal articles
Other resources:
Sample scholarly articles:

Mental health at work

The American Psychological Association:

Perhaps the biggest psychology professional association for the US.  Their website offers a fair amount of free content.  For their journals, use the database PsycArticles.

Other resources:

Mental health resources at MU

Below are some links to resources available here at Marquette.

Finding articles and other resources.

Food insecurity and access

Background sources:

Specifically about Milwaukee/Wisconsin:


In Milwaukee (and Wisconsin):

Below are links to several articles from the local NPR affiliate, WUWM, by their environmental reporter Susan Bence. They have good local news coverage.

Initiatives that work with companies:

Sustainable packaging

Use the Passport database:  it has an entire module about packaging!  A keyword search on 'dairy and packaging' will retrieve a country report titled "Dairy packaging in the U.S."  

Passport will give you background and data about the current "state of packaging" for dairy products.  

Trade journals:

Trade journal articles will give you information about the current news in an industry.  ABI-Inform Collection is probably our best database for this.  

Below are links to one specific trade journal and a sample article in it.  Here is a sample search to enter into ABI-Inform Collection to find more relevant articles: 

sustainab* AND packag*

Article search tips:
  • The asterisk is a truncation or 'wild card' character that retrieves variations on the root word. For example, sustainab* retrieves both sustainability, sustainable. 
  • Search in the full-text.  Use the drop-down menu to select that, since it is not hte default search location.
Other sources:

Below are a selection of various resources which I hope can be useful.