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About This Guide

This Research Guide had its origins in a forum entitled "What's Next for the Middle East?" held at Marquette University on February 20, 2013.  Like the forum, this Guide is addressed to all people in the Marquette community interested in this topic, no matter what their discipline or status. 

The first goal of the Guide is to direct people to resources at Marquette Libraries for exploring middleastern developments in greater depth.  Our second goal is just as important, providing a forum for sharing resources and ideas.  For example, our page on Film shows you how to find out if Marquette Libraries has a particular DVD, or what copies of films are in the collection.  We also hope that people will share opinions about new films they have seen that illuminate conditions in the Middle East.  We'll post information about the film, and your comments as well, if you wish.  The same goes for new books and articles. 

Every content box on this Guide has a Comments link at the bottom.  Click there and send us your opinions about what to add, change, or delete, and especially about new and informative films, articles, and books you've encountered.

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