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Recording Equipment

The Digital Scholarship Lab offers many different pieces of equipment that you could use to record your podcast. These include:

  • Audio Recorders [3-day loan]: our Zoom H4n Pro recorders are a great way to record a conversation or interview with more than one individual. You’ll need a SD card to save your tracks to, but the .WAV or .mp3 files can be transferred to a Mac or PC for further editing.
  • Microphones [4-hour or 3-day loan]: you can checkout several different kinds of microphones in the Lab. Some can be used with any computer, just by plugging it into a USB port, like the Blue Snow Ball USB microphone, available for 4-hour checkouts and intended to be used in the Digital Editing Studio. This mic is ideal for recording podcasts, adding voice over to video, or doing sit-down interviews. Or, you can checkout a headset microphone that you can plug into either a Mac or a PC and record single-voice podcasts or record voice overs for presentations or videos.
  • Cellphone Recording Kit [3-day loan]: these kits come with a mini-tripod, an attachment for your phone, and a lapel mic, making mobile recording a breeze.
  • Podcast Microphones The editing room is equipped with two professional grade microphones. The room can be reserved here. 

Spaces in the Lab

Digital Media Editing Room

The studio room is reservable space devoted to digital media projects. It has been equipped with two podcasting mics and some sound-proofing panels to allow for a more professional recording experience. The room includes workstations for both Mac and PC platforms with an array of software applications that can be used to record or edit your files, including Final Cut 7 and Avid. 

Make your reservation by clicking this link

Digital Scholarship Lab Space

The Lab has several pods of first-come first-serve desktop Macs and PCs that are available for use during library business hours, but there is not 24-hour access to the lower level of the library. 

All of the desktop PCs and Macs in the Digital Scholarship Lab are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and iMovie. Additionally, we offer a small number of MacBook Pros that have the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite on them--make sure you ask for a yellow Mac when you come to the DSL equipment desk--that can be checked out for a 6 hour loan period (but not overnight). 


Tutor and Staff Help

The DSL staff and students are always available to help you with your podcasting (and other Digital Scholarship) needs. 

Walk-in Tutor Assistance

Our desk in the lower level of the Raynor Library is staffed by our highly skilled staff of undergraduate digital tutors every Monday through Thursday, from 4 to 8 pm. You don't need an appointment to come in, you can just drop by the desk and ask for a tutor's assistance. 

One-on-One Media Consultation

If our tutor hours don't work for you, or you'd prefer to schedule an appointment, you can fill out a Digital Scholarship Consultation request form and one of our staff will arrange a time to meet and help you with your project.