DS Lab's Guide to Podcasting : Podcast Apps / Editing

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Anchor is great for podcasting at home with little experience. Anchor is an app that acts as a jack of all trades allowing students to:

  • record with someone else from a distance for joint podcasting
  • Allows you to add 30 seconds of song from Spotify or apple music
  • in app editing of audio 
  • Can be sent in variety of formats including text message

Spreaker Radio vs. Soundcloud


Spreaker Radio gives you the opportunity to stream live to either their own curated streaming service or an app of your choice, and it gives you quality editing software that is almost as good as editing on your computer (although I would still recommend using either Audacity or Audition for editing).


Another nice thing about this app is that the app now has a desktop version that you can download on your laptop. In this version, if you felt the need to film your podcast with Skype the app claims that you can integrate both programs easily.





You have probably already heard of Soundcloud, and yes you can use it for more than just aspiring to be a rapper. If you are on the search for a good host for your podcast episodes, Soundcloud is already a good option because it already has a loyal fanbase of many DIY self-starters.


When it comes to recording, Soundcloud does not have as many advanced features that Spreaker does, but it has the essentials. You can cut your audio and add a fade to the beginning and end of your episodes. You can also add artwork and a majority of the features on the app are free.