Digital Scholarship Lab: How-Tos: Video Editing

Instructional videos, training, and other info for multimedia and digital projects

O'Reilly database

This database has a lot of relevant material: books, videos, and "learning tracks" including one on media editing. 

When you first connect to the database, in the drop-down menu "Select your institution", click on "Not listed?".  Then you create an individual account using your MU email address.  (Note that the password you create is separate from your MU account.)

Software Available in the DSL


Upload, Edit and Share video content with iMovie

"One of the simplest programs available for basic editing. iMovie is great for someone just learning the basics of editing, allowing for some special effects and transitions, but not much else. If all you need to do is compile photos or clips together, this program is likely the one to use." - Kendall Roemer, Digital Media Tutor 

Adobe Premiere

Add Vibrant Color and Interesting Effects to your video 

"It’s simple for beginners, but has hundreds of specialties for an advanced editor to master. Premiere is often used to complete professional films and commercials, as well as basic school projects or compilations. Unlike all other programs, Premiere actually has a fantastic titling tool, allowing the editor to quickly, efficiently, and creatively add titles to their project." - Kendall Roemer, Digital Media Tutor 

Windows Movie Maker

"Another very simple editing program. It’s great for basic editing, but cannot perform as well as some of the heavier programs. If you have a Windows system and need to edit together a simple video with minor effects, Movie Maker is a good choice." - Kendall Roemer, Digital Media Tutor