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Best Practices for engaging slideshows

5 Tips for an Engaging Slideshow

1. Make your text concise: Slides with multiple paragraphs are distracting. Your audience will get distracted by reading the slide that they will not be able to hear you speak. Break up your words into different slides. Use easy to read fonts and suiting to the text. 

2. Use color that contrasts

3. Use images and infographics

4. Use audio and video to supplement your text.

5. Use ENGAGING slideshow tools such as Prezi, Powerpoint, PiktoChart and Adobe Spark

Tools for creating slideshows


Powerpoint is a program that creates slide presentation. It is the most commonly used presentation tool.


Prezis a presentation tool that uses motion and zoom to create and control presentations. It allows users to zoom in on details and pull back to reveal context creating memorable presentations.


Piktochart is a website that allows users to create infographics. The program also allows users to add interactive maps, charts, videos and hyperlinks. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark helps you create graphics (Post), magazine-style web stories (Page) and animated videos (Video) that you can create in minutes.