OSCM 4025 - Purchasing and Supply Management: Topic starting points

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About this page

This page has a few starting point suggestions for each of your topics (although I have lumped together several of them into the broader category Minerals & Mining). 

Immediately below are a couple of databases that most groups will want to use.



Be aware that "grains" often encompasses wheat, corn and barley, and sometimes oats are also included.  You may want to search on those keywords in addition to 'grains'.


Minerals & mining

This includes all the following:

Bauxite Gold Helium
Platinum Tungsten  
  • For Gold, see also the Mergent Archives Industry Report on Precious Metals & Mining.
Encyclopedia articles ab out specific commodities:



Because plastics are used extensively in packaging, be sure to use the packaging module in Passport.

Polyester spunlace

Check out the synonyms for "spunlace" in the glossary of terms from the INDA, which include hydroentangling and spunlace bonding.