OSCM 4025 - Purchasing and Supply Management: Classification codes

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About classification codes

There are many classification codes, and sadly, they overlap in part only, never completely.  They also have different principles, and different purposes!  Here are some of them:

  • To describe an economy (production)
  • To describe trade
  • To determine tariffs

Some are national or regional, others are more global.

For more detail than is on this page, see these webpages:

Important codes to know about now

General business directories

Which directory should you use?

–  For quick look-ups:  use Business Insights Essentials (BIE) or Hoover's Company Records
–  For international scope:  use Business Insights Essentials, Hoover's or Nexis Uni
–  For comprehensive US coverage of both public and private companies: Mergent Intellect (also covers Canadian companies)
–  For creating downloadable lists of companies: Mergent Intellect or Nexis Uni.

Directory websites