German: Researching

This guide offers resources on German language, literature, culture, history, and current affairs.

Find criticism about a work using LION

Literature Online (LION), the largest database of literary criticism available.  International in scope, it concentrates on journal literature, although it also contains some reference material.  You can limit your search to criticism about one particular work or author using the Author or Criticism options. 

Find books in MU Libraries about authors and their works

To find works about an author and his/her works do a Subject search.  Follow these steps.

1.  Use to the MARQCAT Search box below.

2.  Use the drop down arrow to change search type to Subject.

3.  Enter author's last name then first name, with no comma between them, such as Fontane Theodor.  Click Go.

4.  Browse list of resulting subject headings.

5.  Can't find your author? Try variations of the name, e.g. the middle name spelled out, not an initial.




Tools: Advanced Search