German: Adjective Endings

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  • Wenige
  • Andere
  • Viele
  • Einige
  • Mehrere

These always* take STRONG endings!

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By using this program, you agree to learn the GENDER of all new nouns!

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Determine the following about the noun which the adjectives will modify:

  • Gender
  • Number
  • Case

Need help? Use a dictionary!

Then go through the Table of Conditions below!

Table of Conditions

This is a FLOW-CHART, right?  So 'go with the FLOW'!

Table of conditions for adjective endings

Condition 1:

Is there a limiting word?

FREE Help! Limiting words: –  der, dieser, jeder, jener, mancher, solcher;
–  the 'ein' words (ein, kein; mein, dein, sein) EXCEPT ...
–  NOT the 'ein' word exceptions (see Condition 2 for details).
  Yes •  The limiting word has a STRONG ending
•  The other words have WEAK endings.
No Go to Condition 2.

Condition 2:

Is the limiting word one of the 'ein' word exceptions?

The 'ein' word exceptions:  don't forget them! Case Gender Number

'Ein' word exceptions precede nouns
in the these cases:

Nominative Masculine Singular
Accusative Masculine
  Yes •  The 'ein' word has NO ending
•  All the others have STRONG endings.
No Go to Condition 3.

Condition 3:

Are there NO limiting words and NO 'ein' word exceptions?

  Then ALL adjectives have STRONG endings.

STRONG Endings

Strong adjective endings
  Singular  Plural 
Gender /
Masculine Feminine Neuter  
Nominative er e es e
Accusative en e es e
Dative em er em en, n
Genitive es er es er

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WEAK Endings

Weak adjective endings
  Singular  Plural 
Gender /
Masculine Feminine Neuter  
Nominative e e e en
Accusative en e e en
Dative en en en en
Genitive en en en en

'weak like a chicken' - image