Health Statistics: Additional Web Sites

Includes key sources for accessing health statistics.
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Aggregate Assessment

Association of Religion Data Archives

City of Milwaukee Common Council

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Milwaukee County Transit System

NACCHO Model Practice Database
Provides descriptions of innovative public health practice models from local health departments. Searchable by category or state.

Vital Signs: Benchmarking Metro Milwaukee, 2017
Addresses population vitality, economic strength, personal prosperity, life-long learning, and community well-being.

Additional Health Statistics Sites



Health Disparities

Healthy People/Healthiest Wisconsin




Portals and Surveys


Google Web Search

Evaluating Websites

Lack of systematic quality control means critical evaluation of Web sites is crucial. When evaluating web resources, consider:

  • Authority: Is the author or site sponsor clearly identified? Can you find credentials and contact information?
  • Objectivity: Is the site's purpose clear? Is it directed toward a specific audience?
  • Coverage: Are the topics covered clear? In depth? Balanced? Are ideas and opinions backed up by evidence?
  • Accuracy: Are sources cited? Can you verify accuracy of facts and other information with other sources in the field?
  • Currency: Are the dates included in the website? Is the information current, or at least still relevant for the site's and your purpose?

Taken from: Ramage, Bean and Johnson. The Allyn and Becon Guide to Writing. 5th Ed. customized for Marquette University. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc., 2009: 602.