Health Sciences: Web Sites

A guide to research sources in the health sciences.
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Google Web Search

Google Tips & Tricks

  • Use the Advanced feature of Google to be more specific in your search
  • Handy shortcuts to find unique information:
    • Type "intitle:" to search only page titles; e.g. intitle:digital divide
    • Type "inurl:" to search only the web address of a page; e.g. inurl:raynor
    • Type "related:" to find pages Google thinks are related in content; e.g.
    • Type "site:" to return results from a specific domain; e.g. library
    • Type "intext" in Google News to pull terms from the body of the story
  • For a topical categorization of websites, view Google Directory at
  • No Calculator handy? Type 12*78 and hit search to get the answer
  • The calculator also converts measurements and currency.  Try 200 pounds in euros
  • Type weather and a location or zip code to get a four day forecast.
  • By attaching a postcode at the end of your search will give you results for your inquiry
  • Type time and a name of place to find the time anywhere in the world
  • Enter a statistics-based query like "population of Britain" and it will show you the answer on top of the results
  • You can search foreign sites by clicking "language tools" on the right of the search box which allows you to choose what countries sites to translate your query to.

Evaluating Websites

Lack of systematic quality control means critical evaluation of Web sites is crucial. When evaluating web resources, consider:

  • Authority: Is the author or site sponsor clearly identified? Can you find credentials and contact information?
  • Objectivity: Is the site's purpose clear? Is it directed toward a specific audience?
  • Coverage: Are the topics covered clear? In depth? Balanced? Are ideas and opinions backed up by evidence?
  • Accuracy: Are sources cited? Can you verify accuracy of facts and other information with other sources in the field?
  • Currency: Are the dates included in the website? Is the information current, or at least still relevant for the site's and your purpose?

Taken from: Ramage, Bean and Johnson. The Allyn and Becon Guide to Writing. 5th Ed. customized for Marquette University. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc., 2009: 602.