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About this guide

This guide was written for Professor Jeffrey Brand's OSCM 4080 class, fall 2023. 

Off campus access methods (authentication)

Brief description of 3 authentication methods:

  1. New Library Login (OpenAthens):  Many library resources use this method for logging in; requires no setup. When prompted, select "Marquette University Libraries (AZURE)" and then sign in using your Marquette email/password.  
  2. Library Login (legacy version):  This method is quick and requires no setup.  Just login before clicking on library database links or when prompted to do so. A few library databases will not work with it. 
  3. VPN (virtual private network): The VPN requires you to download an app onto both your cell phone and your computer. A few library databases require it for off-campus access. Outline of the steps required for the VPN:
    • Register for Duo Mobile if you haven't already (see "detailed VPN instructions" linked just below).
    • Download Duo Mobile app onto your cell phone. Allow push notifications for it.
    • Download GlobalProtect app onto your computer. Complete GlobalProtect setup on your computer.
    • Find detailed VPN instructions from ITS here.

About procurement

Direct or indirect?  Primary or secondary?  In-house or outside?  Below are some articles and ebooks about this.

About finding standards and government codes

Finding standards information can be difficult because there are many entities that create and regulate standards. Standards also often are not free, you must buy them.

Below are some resources to get started.