Native American Heritage Month: Home

Marquette Libraries Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month Marquette Libraries are highlighting resources on Native Americans in our collections.  On this home page we note some of the resources on Native Americans in our Special Collections, or Archives.  The subsequent pages on Books, Articles, and Web Sites highlight resources for further research into the subject.

Marquette, Native Americans, and "The Warriors"

Like many schools across the United States, Marquette once had a Native American as a mascot.  Its sports teams were known as The Warriors.  In deference to Native Americans, Marquette changed its mascot in the early 1990s to The Golden Eagles.  This decision was and remains controversial, and it places Marquette in the middle of a nation-wide cultural debate about the Native American Heritage.  Search on "warrior" in the Marquette Special Collections Department's web site to get a flavor of our holdings on this issue.  Listed below are a few books on the wider controversy.