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Find Books in MarqCat and WorldCat

Try a Subject search in MARQCAT on  the name of a country combined with one of the following four categories.  You can use the same strategy in WorldCat:

  • history
  • politics and government
  • social life and customs
  • foreign relations

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MARQCAT advanced search feature 
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow by the first window and select Subject.  Enter united states, or another country, and then one of the four terms above, such as: france politics and government or peru foreign relations.
  3. Click on Submit.  The results you get will be all Library of Congress Subject Categories that begin with the terms you entered.  Click on the category to get the bibliographic records for the items classified under it.

Use the options under "Limit to" to refine your results.