BULA 3001: Background sources

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
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Online reference collections

Start with one of these online collections of reference books.  each contains multiple reference books covering diverse topics.

Volkswagen case: sample encyclopedia articles

Theranos case: sample articles

Some history and background for the case:
Sample encyclopedia articles and more:
Searching for articles:

Think of this as separate questions, and therefore, separate searches.  For example, you could look for articles about:

  1. Ethical behavior in leaders, ceo’s or management
  2. Ethical behavior in investor relations
  3. Ethical behavior in companies, i.e. organizations or institutions, at the organizational level)
  4. Hubris in leaders, or ethical dysfunction in leaders

Treat each question as a separate search!

Wells Fargo case

Reports from Wells Fargo:

These are reports from Wells Fargo itself, about their own investigations (primary sources in effect).  Start with the Key Findings report, since it's much shorter.

Articles, trade journals:
Harvard Business Review:

HBR has several articles that cover various aspects of this case.  Because of contractual limits imposed by HBP on Ebsco and hence on us, no links to individual articles can be created.  Therefore, just search on Wells Fargo!

Articles, scholarly:
About ethics, in general: