ECON 3001 - Kohls: Finding articles

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Scholarly article databases

The following databases provide the strongest coverage of scholarly journals in the fields of advertising and public relations. However, they include more than just scholarly articles: you'll also find articles from some trade, news, and popular magazines.

Use these databases especially when you're researching issues or theories.

Scholarly articles usually ...

  • provide analysis of a topic / issue, exploring it in greater depth
  • are considered the most authoritative
  • can be very narrow in scope, technical or theoretical

Top database for the field:

Additional databases:

Working papers' databases

In addition to articles that get published in traditional journals, economists write 'working papers'.  These are documents created for the purpose of furthering discussion on the topic, rather than as authoritative texts.  Often they will end up later as formally published articles, incorporating revisions or corrections that ensue from reactions to the working paper version. 

Use these databases when you want the latest scholarly thought or developments on an issue or country.

Working papers usually ...

  • are written by scholars
  • provide insight into economic thought about developing situations or problems