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Methods of Criminological Research
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MARQCAT is the Marquette Libraries catalog. Search for books on a topic in either 'Subject' or  'Keyword' search modes. You can also determine if MU Libraries' subscribe to a specific print or electronic journal by entering the title of the journal. However, you cannot use MARQCAT to search for articles within the journals.


Tools: Advanced Search

RESEARCH TIP:  If you don't find your topic in the Subject search, try your terms as Keyword searches instead.  A Keyword search will also pick up books that have a chapter on your topic.  For example, there is no subject heading in Marqcat for ethnic heterogeneity.  But if you do a keyword search, you will find many books.  Or you can connect concepts, such as the "crime AND families."  Again, many books come up.  If you find a book that is dead on, check its subject headings for more books on that topic. 



Subject Searching

Examples of Subject Headings in Marqcat





Alcoholism and Crime                                                     

Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages                             



Searching MARQCAT for E-BOOKS

For e-books on a particular topic use the Advanced Search Mode,

  1.  Change ANY FIELD to SUBJECT and type "e books" in the corresponding search box.
  2.  On the next line keep ANY FIELD and type your search topic in the corresponding search box. 
  3.  Connect both search boxes with AND
  4.  Add any desired limiters such as language, year etc.


Topics in Criminology and Justice

Search Google Books (

Click on book title/cover for more information including  nearby libraries with the book. If the book is out of copyright and in the public domain, the full text can be viewed.

Google Book Search