American Indians - Archival Resources: Collections at Marquette

Guide to archival resources about Native Americans (American Indians/Eskimos of North/South America) in the Marquette Archives and other archival repositories

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Special Collections

Marquette's special collections about Native Americans include over 50 collections from the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the Americas, which document over 100 native peoples. Most notable are the records of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, 1874-, Holy Rosary Mission - Red Cloud Indian School, 1888-, and the Tekakwitha Conference, 1939-. See Overview above for information on the origins of Marquette's special collections about American Indians.

University Archives

The official University records include records about American Indians at Marquette and its use of related imagery. American Indians are rarely noted within the official records. Marquette's logo/seal, 1907-, the Warriors nickname/mascots, 1954-1994, the Konrad Adenauer visit, 1954, and cultural events, 1970s-, represent the most notable uses of Indian imagery. Biographical information and memorials of Pere Jacques Marquette, S.J., are also included. The following are the most notable sources. 

Marquette Archives

Rare Books

Rare publications about Native Americans include monographs in the Rare Books collection and numerous rare monographs serials from Catholic missions, and published U.S. government documents in the records of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions. The Rare Books collection includes first editions of the Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents... in New France, 1610-1791, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1896-1901, and History of the Indian Tribes of North America... by Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall, 1838, and publications of the Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, 1894-1963. The records of the Catholic Bureau also include pictorial catechisms, hymnals, hymn recordings, prayer books, newspapers and linguistic publications in Native American languages.

Collecting Policy

The Marquette Archives collects, preserves and makes available for research the official records of Marquette University (University Archives) plus the records and papers of notable organizations and individuals (including faculty and alumni) that document Catholic social action, Catholic relationships with Native Americans, Catholic broadcasting, and art, entertainment, journalism and politics.  


Archives holds several Native-related collections and/or titles within them that are catalogued in Marqcat under these subject headings: "Catechisms Pictorial Works", "Catechisms [language name]", "Catholic Church Hymns", "Catholic Indian Missions", "Catholic Indian Missions Periodicals", "Hymns [language name]", "Indians of North America Catholic Church Relations", "Indians of North America Missions" and "[language name] language texts".

All known Native-related serial titles are catalogued in Marqcat. However, most published U.S. government documents and a number of other monographic titles have not been included. So if you do not find what you are searching for, please ask.

Digital Collections

Digital collections from the Marquette Archives about Native Americans and/or Native images.

What are Descriptive Inventories?

The description of an archival collection; also known as a "finding aid". It includes an abstract (brief summary of key materials), a biographical (basic information about the creating persons) and/or historical note (basic information relating to the creating organization and its records), a scope and content note (a more extensive narrative summary of its scope and content) and a container list (describes the materials within each container). Larger collections are subdivided by series, which often divide materials by type, e.g. correspondence, reports, photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, publications by the collection's creators. Larger collections may subdivide scope and content notes and container lists at the series level as well. 

Genealogical Records

The Marquette Archives contains substantial genealogical record holdings about Native Americans in the United States and provides online guides to related records at other repositories.

In the Spotlight

Highlights notable records within the Marquette Archives.


These Marquette special collections document Native American history and culture in over 40 different languages besides English. Also search Marqcat for more info.