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Why Books?

Books are useful for:

  • in depth information,
  • historical context,
  • overview, synthesis and analysis.

Check the table of contents:  often a chapter or two are all that is needed.

But they're heavy! And not online ...

Ok, yes, sometimes books have way more than you need!

Use the book's table of contents and the book's index to see if its contents will likely be useful to you.  Often a chapter or two are all that you'll need, rather then the entire book.

And some are available online:  when you search in MARQCAT (there's a search box below too), add the phrase 'and e-books' to a keyword search, and see if that works.  (It may not, because we do have far more books in print than online ...)  Here's an example of such a search, using e-books and supply chain.

Google Books

Google Books is a great resource for finding books and gives a preview of what the book is about and often short sections to view.

There is a link to see if your local library library owns the book and you can see if any of the local libraries have the book!

Google Book Search



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