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NEW! Check out the Foundation Center's database of Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact (TRASI). The database is a searchable, expert-reviewed collection of more than 150 approaches to measuring the impact of social programs and investments. Use the TRASI site to learn about social impact assessment, including a short video about why assessment is important.

Use Guidestar to find tax returns (990 forms) for nonprofits, charitable organizations, and foundations.

GrantCraft's Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2015

About Marquette's Funding Information Center

Marquette University's Funding Information Center is one of over 470 partners of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network.  Since its establishment in 1956, the Foundation Center has been the primary source of factual information on private foundations and philanthropy in the United States. The Foundation Center, along with its partners, is designed to provide current information for the fund-seeking public and those doing research on private foundations, philanthropy, nonprofit organization and management, volunteerism, fundraising, grantmaking, and letter and proposal writing.

The Center is free and open to the public; visitors not afilliated with Marquette will need a photo ID to register at the Raynor Library entrance for a day pass.

More information about the Funding Information Center.

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A very selective list of organizations that support social entrepreneurs includes the following. See also the "Organizations" tab at right.