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Why Books?

Books are useful for:

  • in depth information,
  • historical context,
  • overview, synthesis and analysis.

Check the table of contents:  often a chapter or two are all that is needed.

NCBI E-Book Collection

Samples from this collection include: The NCBI C++ ToolkitThe NCBI Handbook covering topics such as how data are included in a database, database design, query processing, and how the different resources relate to each other; and NCBI Short Courses about the eUtilities.



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Evaluating Books

The quality and relevance of information in books needs to be evaluated. What to look for:

Authority of the authors, editors - Determine the expertise of the authors, does it match the subject content of their writing?

Scope of Content - Does the content cover your topic to the degree you need? Is it in-depth or does it simply provide an overview with little facts, details, analysis?

Timeliness - Is the content timely for your topic. This is determined somewhat by the time period of your topic.

For help finding book reviews see this research guide:
Book Reviews


Safari Books Online

Synthesis Lecture series

These "lectures" are short books providing an overview of a topic, written by a subject expert. Click on an area below to see individual titles in that series.