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Home University: Marquette University
Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics, German
Program/University in Germany: Exchange: University of Marburg
Email: shusterich [AT]

Extended stays in Germany over the past three years have allowed me a significant amount of insight into the German people and culture. As an exchange student in Sigmaringen (Baden‐Wuerttemberg) in 2007, an intern in Berlin in 2008, and an exchange student at Philipps University in Marburg (Hessen) in 2009, I have had the privilege of familiarizing myself very well with everyday life in Germany. I can say first‐hand that although Germany is a place unlike any other in the world, rich in history and culture, with a thriving contemporary society, life as an “outsider” there can some days seem very daunting. Achieving fluency in the largest (and arguably the hardest!) part of the German culture, the language itself, is no small task. However, proficiency in the German language and culture is a very rewarding achievement. Aside from my passion for Germany, I am actively in involved with music and have been since I was four, when I first learned how to play the violin. I have studied privately for several years and continue to play with classical groups in the Milwaukee area. I am an active distance runner and cyclist and always enjoy time spend with friends and family. Please do not hesitate to consult me with any questions regarding scholarship in Germany—I will respond promptly!