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Teachers' Guides

A selection of teachers' guides for reading and math textbooks have been added to the Libraries' collection.  Find them in MarqCat by searching "teachers guides collection" as a title.

Additional teacher guides may be located by entering a keyword search for "teachers guide" (including quotes).  A more focused search, within a selected subject or discipline, may be entered in the format  "teachers guide" and <subject discipline>.

Subject Terms for MARQCAT Searching

Use these lists of terms to help you find keywords and subject terms to enter into our MARQCAT or MARQCATplus catalogs to find the most relevant materials.



Tools: Advanced Search


E-Books are great library resources that can be checked-out and downloaded onto various devices, including laptops and tablets.

LearningExpress Library

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LearningExpress Library

This online collection, provided via BadgerLink (from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction), includes practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, e-books, and other information for students at all levels. Find resources on reading, math, writing, vocabulary, GED prep, careers, professional exams, and more.