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MARQCAT is the Marquette Libraries catalog. Search for books on a topic using the 'Subject' search or the 'Keyword' search modes. You can also determine if MU Libraries' subscribe to a specific print or electronic journal by entering the title of the journal. However, you cannot use MARQCAT to search for articles within the journals.


MARQCAT catalog of the Marquette Libraries

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Some suggested subject searches:

  • Water Quality or Water Pollution
  • World Heath or Public Health
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Homelessness
  • Violence
  • Hunger
  • Poverty

RESEARCH TIP: If you don't find your topic in the Subject search, try your terms as Keyword searches instead. A Keyword search will also pick up books that have a chapter on your topic. For example, there is no subject heading for global health. But if you do a keyword search of those terms, you will find many books. Or you can connect concepts, such as the "environment and social entrepreneurship." Again, many books come up. If you find a book that is dead on, check its subject headings for more books on that topic.

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When entering a search in a database, try entering 2 or more keywords that represent the main concepts of your topic, connecting them with the word AND. For example: "global hunger AND food supply." When you find a relevant article, look at its subject headings and click on those for more articles.

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