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Industry information you'll find here:

The NAICS industry classification system:  you need to know about this because many publishers use it to organize their data and content!

Business Insights Essentials:  a handy database for determining the NAICS code for a specific company.

Industry ratios:  the big source is RMA e-Statement Studies.

Industry profiles:  IBISWorld is the place to start, but there are other sources. These can provide context for your company.

Finding NAICS codes

Lookup sites:

Finding NAICS codes for a specific company:

Of course, often you're trying to identify the code(s) for a specific company.  In that case, use a company directory database.  Here are two that make it easy to see the codes.

Business Insights Essentials

Business Insights Essentials offers company profiles that make it fairly easy to find out what is the primary NAICS code.  

Primary vs. secondary NAICS codes:

Primary industry codes: Designate the line of business (industry) from which the company derives the largest proportion of its income.

Secondary industry codes: Designate any other lines of business from which the company derives income.

  • Business Insights Essentials upper search boxEnter a ticker (company stock symbol) in search box in the upper right corner. 
  • Using the ticker generally works best, but you can also search on the company name. 

The Company profile:

Business Insights Essentials company profile with NAICS codes

On the right-hand side you will see the Industries and the NAICS codes relevant to the company. In the screenshot above, I've enlarged this section, and given it a green border.  Click here to see the actual GE company profile.

Notice that the industries and codes are NOT in numerical order!  The first industry code (335999) is also shaded in beige -- this is the primary industry of the company.

RMA e-Statement Studies

RMA search screenThe homepage of the database is shown at left:

Search by:
  –  Keyword
  –  NAICS code

After searching, you'll get a description page such as the one shown below. 

Click on Financial Discussion.

RMA description page

What to download:

Below is a screenshot showing what you need to download!  The arrows point to:

  • Annual Statement Studies (left margin navigation area)
  • FRB Assets tab (center left)
  • The Export button (far right)

RMA annual statement studies screen

Industry profiles

Below is a screenshot showing IBISWorld's interface. 

Search in it using ...

  –  Keywords
  –  NAICS codes 
  –  Or browse the hierarchical display of NAICS codes (click on "Industry Research in the upper menu)

NOTE: You can also search by company name, but that is less reliable.  It only works IF the company represents a major player in the industry!

Look for the Industry reports (indicated below with an arrow).

IBISWorld search results screen

Once in the report, you can download the PDF or view it online.