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All professional librarians and archivists at Raynor Memorial Libraries belong to the Academic Librarians Assembly. The Assembly exists outside of the administrative structure of the Libraries, serving as an advisory body to the Dean of Libraries. It provides an open forum for librarians and archivists to discuss matters relating to the Libraries and the University. The Assembly promotes the professional development of its members and seeks to protect their professional interests and welfare. The Assembly encourages greater participation by librarians and archivists in the life of the Libraries and the University community.

Brief Description & History

The Marquette University Academic Librarians Assembly was approved in August of 1975 as a University Committee reporting to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  In 2010, following a University reorganization of committees and reporting structures, the Academic Librarians’ Assembly (hereinafter called the Assembly) became a library committee reporting to the Dean of Libraries.

According to the Constitution of the Assembly the purposes of the organization include:

  1. To provide professional librarians/archivists an open forum in which to debate and take positions on matters relating to the Libraries and to the larger University community.
  2. To make recommendations concerning the libraries to the Dean and appropriate University officers. The Assembly is advisory to the Dean and distinct from the administrative structure of the Libraries.
  3. To seek to improve communication and promote more effective participation of professional librarians/archivists in the affairs of the Libraries and the University.
  4. To maintain high standards of librarianship and archives management.
  5. To promote and protect the academic and professional interests and welfare of its members.

All librarians and archivists in Raynor Memorial Libraries are automatically members of the Assembly and are given rank upon employment based on their previous experience and professional activities.  There are five standing committees which conduct the business of the organization:

  • Executive Committee – Comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and member delegates to the University Academic Senate and Faculty Council.  Oversees the organization’s business and activities, plans and conducts 2 or more required and occasional special meetings each year, and conducts the annual election of officers and committee members.
  • Compensation and Benefits – conducts an annual salary survey of peer and select AJCU libraries; conducts a triennial benefits survey.
  • Maria Dittman Research Paper Competition Committee – joint committee with the Library Support Staff Association. Plans and conducts the annual student research competition.
  • Ranks, Promotion, and Professional Development – facilitates professional development opportunities in support of advancement in rank; informs librarians of the promotion cycle, timeline, and documentation requirements; and advises the Dean on promotions of academic librarians and archivists and rank of new hires.

In addition, the Assembly elects a member representative to the University Academic Senate, faculty governance body. 

Librarians Assembly Intro video (2023)

Organizational Chart

Academic Librarians Assembly Organizational Chart