Anthropology: ANTH 1001

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Article Databases

Databases provide a systematic method of searching for articles, and other sources. Some databases include full text of the documents indexed but some do not. You may find the databases listed in this guide are multidisciplinary, but remember that your research must be rooted in anthropology. Under the questions below, you will find suggested keywords. Please explore using other terms. If you need help identifying keywords, please contact your course librarian or professor. 

1. Choose one technology and discuss its biocultural effects on our species. (Suggested focus include fire, cooking, agriculture, storage, or refrigeration) (Chapter 3)

Suggested keywords: (archeology and cooking); (archeology and food)

2. What relevance does the study of chimpanzees have to the study of humans? (Chapter 5)

Suggested keywords: (chimpanzee* and human*)

3. Is Paranthropus or Australopithecus more likely the predecessor to genus Homo? Support your argument through comparing the morphology of the three genera. (Chapter 6)

Suggested keywords: (Paranthropus and genus homo); (Australopithecus and genus Homo)

4. Discuss the differences between the scientific concept of race and the culturally constructed concept of race. (Chapter 7)

Suggested keywords: (anthropology and race and culture*); (archeology and culture*)

5. Explain the differences between how a medical anthropologist and a physician would approach an outbreak of COVID-19 at Marquette. (Chapter 8)

Suggested keywords: (outbreak and anthropology and medic*); (outbreak and medicine)