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About this guide

This guide was prepared for the spring 2020 ADVE 4997 course with Dave Wilcox.

Use this guide as a starting point to get to the resources discussed in class.  The industry reports linked below should give some context for the client's industry.

Secondary market / industry research

Below are some secondary market research sources relevant to Palermo's and frozen pizza in general.  These are items I can link to directly.  Be sure to look also at Passport and IBISWorld in the market research databases box below.

Market research databases

For these two databases, I cannot create links directly to the relevant materials: you will have to go into the databases and search!

Passport is a major market research database, well worth spending time in.  "Ready meals" is the category where you'll find frozen pizza ...

Be aware that a keyword search on "frozen pizza" will only get you material from 2014!  You really must use the category menus ...

IBISWorld has a report titled "Frozen Pizza Production in the US"! Just search for frozen pizza ...