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About this guide

This course guide is for the fall 2018 ADVE 3000 courses, Ad Research and Account Planning, taught by Jean Grow. 

The links below are specific to the project on promoting vegetable consumption. There are also pages with links to and about consumer survey datasets, especially GfK MRI University Reporter.

Finally, there's a page with links to trend-tracking sites

And for stats on Millennials, try the ebook and other resources immediately below ...

Off campus access methods (authentication)

  • Library Login:  This method (a proxy server) is quick and easy, and requires no setup.  But a few databases will not work with it, and it is less reliable when there is heavy internet traffic or a slow connection.
  • VPN (virtual private network): The VPN requires you to download an app onto both your cell phone and your computer.  It is much more reliable during times of heavy internet traffic, and is well worth the necessary setup time. Outline of the steps required for the VPN:
    1. Find detailed VPN instructions here.
    2. Email ITS ( to ask for "the VPN registration invitation email".
    3. When you receive that email invitation, register for Duo Mobile.
    4. Download the Duo Mobile app onto your cell phone. Make sure you allow push notifications for it.
    5. Download the GlobalProtect app onto your computer.

Although the detailed instructions page refers you to Information Technology Services for help, at the Raynor Information Desk we can also help with some parts of the process.  Give us a call at (414) 288-7556.

Secondary industry / market research

Although your primary focus will be on the consumer, not the producer, sometimes industry reports do contain information about consumers.  It's often worthwhile to at least skim these types of reports.

If you want to explore industry reports further, go to the industry profiles webpage.

US government resources:

Passport GMID:

Passport GMID from Euromonitor International is a great resource for this project.  There is a lot of consumer specific material available in it, but unfortunately, it does not allow me to create links to individual reports. We'll go over how to find these in class, but here are some report titles that will be useful to you:

  –   Vegetables in the US (February 2020)
  –   Processed fruits and vegetables in the US (November 2019)
  –   Organic packaged food in the US (March 2019)
  –   Fruit and vegetable consumption not going up, despite campaigns (June 2016)
  –   Fresh produce in vending (March 2015)


Has several relevant reports on fresh fruits and veggies.  Look for:

  –   Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling in the US
  –   Fruit & Vegetable Markets in the US
  –   Price of Vegetables
  –   Vegetable Farming in the US

Other resources

The links below are clearly related to vegetable/fruit consumption; there are more general links on the Trend Tracking page.