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Stress: Stress

Gratitude with Deepak Chopra


Web Sites

American Heart Association: Stress Management
Includes information and online tools for assessing, controlling and dealing with stress.

American Psychological Association: Stress
Includes the latest news on stress, tips for managing stress, and information on getting help. Stress Management
Links to a number of stress management resources.

InteliHealth: Stress
Includes information on coping and stress management techniques.

Mayo Clinic: Stress Management

MedlinePlus: Stress
Provides links to many resources with information on managing stress.


Breathing Away Stress
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA782 .B74 2004

Coping with Stress
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA785 .C66 2004

Daily Energy : Vinyasa Flow Yoga
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA781.7 .D35 2009

The Healing Power of Nature
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD GF75 .N44 2000

Momentary Meditations
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA785 .M65 2003

One Nation Under Stress
RA785 .O5 2005

Rest and Relax
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA782 .P67 2006

Stress and Your Body
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  QP82.2.S8 S264 2010 

This Emotional Life
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD -  BF531 .T45 2010

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  QP82.2.S8 W49 2010

Yoga for Beginners
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA781.7 .Y643 2008

Sound Recordings

The 10-minute Stress Manager
MEMORIAL LEVEL 1  BF575.S75 M55 2004

A Day Away from Stress
MEMORIAL LEVEL 5  RA785 .M325 2006



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Consumer Health Complete
Includes evidence-based reports, encyclopedias and other reference books, pamphlets, news, drug and herb information, images and diagrams, and videos and animations on diseases, conditions, and procedures.  Off-campus access restricted to individuals with current MU ids.

Health Source: Consumer Edition
Includes the full-text of almost 80 consumer health magazines, over 1000 pamphlets, and over 130 health reference books.  Also includes the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide and Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary.  Off-campus access restricted to individuals with current MU ids.

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