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Guided Meditation

Candle Flame Meditation
Mayo Clinic
Offers timed and guided meditations

Free Guided Meditations
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Meditation Lounge
Inner Space Meditation Center and Gallery

Mindfulness Meditation of the Body and Breath
From Oxford University's mindfulness course

Three Minute Breathing Space
From Oxford University's mindfulness course



Web Sites

American Heart Association: Stress Management
Includes information and online tools for assessing, controlling and dealing with stress.

American Psychological Association: Stress
Includes the latest news on stress, tips for managing stress, and information on getting help. Stress Management
Links to a number of stress management resources.

InteliHealth: Stress
Includes information on coping and stress management techniques.

Mayo Clinic: Stress Management

MedlinePlus: Stress
Provides links to many resources with information on managing stress.


Breathing Away Stress
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA782 .B74 2004

Coping with Stress
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA785 .C66 2004

Daily Energy : Vinyasa Flow Yoga
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA781.7 .D35 2009

The Healing Power of Nature
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD GF75 .N44 2000

Momentary Meditations
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD RA785 .M65 2003

One Nation Under Stress
RA785 .O5 2005

Rest and Relax
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA782 .P67 2006

Stress and Your Body
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  QP82.2.S8 S264 2010 

This Emotional Life
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD -  BF531 .T45 2010

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  QP82.2.S8 W49 2010

Yoga for Beginners
RAYNOR RESERVES - Video / DVD  RA781.7 .Y643 2008

Sound Recordings

The 10-minute Stress Manager
MEMORIAL LEVEL 1  BF575.S75 M55 2004

A Day Away from Stress
MEMORIAL LEVEL 5  RA785 .M325 2006



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Consumer Health Complete
Includes evidence-based reports, encyclopedias and other reference books, pamphlets, news, drug and herb information, images and diagrams, and videos and animations on diseases, conditions, and procedures.  Off-campus access restricted to individuals with current MU ids.

Health Source: Consumer Edition
Includes the full-text of almost 80 consumer health magazines, over 1000 pamphlets, and over 130 health reference books.  Also includes the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide and Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary.  Off-campus access restricted to individuals with current MU ids.

Other Health Sciences Databases