History: Ancient History

Find Books

For detailed suggestions on finding relevant books see "Books" tab in this Research Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

Try a Subject search in MARQCAT on  the following categories; each one produces different results:

greece civilization to 146 b c
greece history to 146 b c
greece politics and government to 146 b c

rome civilization
rome history
rome politics and government
rome social life and customs

Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the MARQCAT Box immediately below.

2.  Click on the dropdown arrow to the left and select Subject instead of Title.  

3.  In the search window enter one of the subject categories above.  Note that you enter greece or rome not greek or roman and there has to be a space between b and c. 

4. Click on Submit.

Use the list of subject categories in your results to refine your search.  Click on a subject category to see the bibliographic records for the books listed under it.



Tools: Advanced Search

Find Articles

1.  On the JSTOR entry page move your cursor over SEARCH on the top of the screen, and then click on Advanced Search.

2.  Change the two search windows from full-text to item title, using the dropdown arrow to the right.  Do this because a full-text search will result in too many irrelevant hits, at least when you are getting started.

3.  To practice, in the first window enter:  rome or roman.  This will give you all articles whose titles contain one or the other of those two words, as well as those that contain both.

4.  In the second window enter a term that further defines your topic,such as army.  This search produces 173 hits. 

5.  Refine your search by adding additional terms in the second window using and.  For example, enter this in the second window:  army and medic*.  The search produces two articles.  The second term will get you all articles in the set of 173 containing medical, or medicine, or medics, as well as the singular or plurals of those words.  The asterisk is a truncation symbol that finds all words beginning with medic. 

To go to the full-text click on PDF under the citation.

AHA Guide

The AHA Guide to Historical Literature will get you started on any time period anywhere in the world.  The link is to the online version.  You might find it easier to start with the print version to see how it is organized.