History: Global History

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Global or World History has emerged as a distinct field within the last thirty to forty years.  Commonly using a comparative approach, it analyzes the interactions among peoples throughout the globe over considerable periods of time.  For useful and short introductions see the entries under "World History" in the two reference books below, both of which are in the Raynor Reference Collection.  They have useful bibliographies.

Michael Bentley, ed., Companion to Historiography (1997), D13 .C626 1997
Kelly Boyd, ed., Encyclopedia of Historians & Historical Writing (1999), D14 .E53 1999
See also the AHA Guide to Historical Literature, which is an bibliography of historical writing about all areas of the world.

AHA Guide

The AHA Guide to Historical Literature will get you started on any time period anywhere in the world.  The link is to the online version.  You might find it easier to start with the print version to see how it is organized.

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For detailed instructions on finding relevant books see the "Find Books" tab in this Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

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Do author searches on people noted in the bibliographies of works noted in the box above.

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For detailed instructions on finding relevant articles click on the "Find Articles" tab of this Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

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