History: Asia

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Find Books

For detailed suggestions on finding relevant books see "Books" tab in this Research Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

Try a Subject search in MARQCAT on  the name of a country combined with one of the following four categories:

politics and government
social life and customs
foreign relations

History is a narrower term for the Library of Congress than it is for most historians.  It tends to be wars and revolutions.  All four categories together encompass what historians usually mean by history.

Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the MARQCAT Box immediately below.

2.  Click on the dropdown arrow by the window on the left and select Subject.  

3.  In the window on the right enter the name of a country, such as japan, followed by one of the four other terms noted above, for example:  japan history.

4.  Click on Submit.

Refine your search by exploring the subject headings under your topic.



Tools: Advanced Search

Find Articles

For detailed instructions on finding relevant articles click on the "Find Articles" tab of this Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

Also try these specialized databases:

Window into China

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace created this initiative as a way to offer the public access to pieces written in China by Chinese scholars and experts. The hope is that these works will provide "the international community better insight into and understanding of the debates taking place in China on important foreign policy issues." Click on the title above to access the site.

Congressional Research Service Reports

A special division of the Library of Congress produces reports at the request of members of Congress and congressional committees.  Search for those in the public domain here.  Start by entering the name of a country.

CRS Reports

AHA Guide

The AHA Guide to Historical Literature will get you started on any time period anywhere in the world.  The link is to the online version.  You might find it easier to start with the print version to see how it is organized.