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Interlibrary Loan:

Phone: (414) 288-7257
Email: mumemill
Office Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm,
Monday - Friday
Office Location: On the 2nd floor of the Memorial Library building, near the Bridge Circulation Desk.

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Interlibrary Loan and EBOOKS.

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Access Services Staff

Interim Head of Access Services: Phone: Email:
Kelly Kobiela (414) 288-3253
Access Services Group: Phone: Email:
Circulation: (414) 288-7555
Interlibrary Loan: (414) 288-7257
Day Supervisors: Phone: Email:
Kerry Olivetti (414) 288-7555
Evening & Weekend
Phone: Email:
Daniel Schlitz (414) 288-7555
Kathryn Shore (414) 288-7555
Kristian Guenther (414) 288-7555
Name: Phone: Email:
John Lunt (414) 288-2029
Vicki Meinecke (414) 288-2031
Katie Eigner (414) 288-2116
Chris Pivonka (414) 288-8760