History Primary Sources: Microform Collections (By Area)

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What is Microform?

Microform is any kind of film on which documents are reproduced.  The main types are microfilm and microfiche, although we have some on an older variety, microcard.  To view documents in these forms use special machines located on the lower level of Raynor, where the microforms are also stored.  Copies of documents can be made from most of the machines using Marquette Cash on your ID card.

Marquette Libraries has a wide variety of documents reproduced on microform, often in large collections. The collections have guides that help you identify the reel or microfiche you need. 

Use the menu of the left-hand side of the screen to access records for the microfilm collections by country and continent.

Center for Research Libraries

CRL is a library for other libraries.  MU can borrow any of its rich and varied materials at your request.  Explore their holdings.