History Primary Sources: Latin America

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Latin American History and Culture Series

Major Microform Collections on Argentina

Major Microform Collections on the Dominican Republic

Major Microform Collections on Mexico

Major Microform Collections on Panama

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Since our holdings on microfilm of sources about South and Central America are so large, you will need to carefully select keywords to narrow your search.  Follow these steps:


1.  On the Advanced Keyword Search change the first search window to Subject by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the left. Then enter a country or continent.

2.  Find Material Type below the search windows, click on the dropdown arrow to the right, and select Microform.  

3.  Add another keyword in the second window, such as: nafta, or  indian*.  The asterisk is a truncation symbol that gets you all words that begin with indian, including indians.  Review the complete list of hits for ideas about keywords relevant to your interests.