Issues and Controversies: Terms that mean Controversy

Guide to finding information on alternative viewpoints on controversial issues.
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Words that Imply Discourse

graphic showing words that imply controversy

More "Debatable" Words

  • Opinion
  • Opposing
  • Argument
  • Discussion
  • Controversy
  • Conflict
  • Versus
  • "In the News"
  • Viewpoint
  • "Alternative Viewpoint"
  • Editorial
  • Issues
  • "Take Sides"
  • "Counter Argument"
  • "Hot Topic"
  • Rebuttal
  • Evidence
  • Refute
  • Mandatory
  • Clash
  • Benefits
  • Efficacy
  • Favor

Using Database Features to Broaden a Search

Databases offer a truncation symbol (often an *) so you can search several words with the same beginning and can often be used as synonyms:

Searching SYNONYMS
Enclose words with similar meanings in one set of parentheses and connect the words with OR. Here are some examples:

  • (cats or felines)
  • (diet* or eating habits)
  • (occupation or job or profession)