Equipment--Digital Scholarship Lab: Reserve space

Open Lab Space: no need for reservation

Did you know  all of the computers in lower-level are part of the Digital Scholarship Lab?  These computers offer access to iMovie, GarageBand, Adobe Creative Cloud and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Final Cut Pro and Avid are only available in the studio room. Look at our software listings to see which software is on what computers.

Reserving spaces in the Digital Scholarship Lab

Please use the links below to reserve space in our editing room or the Surface Hub group space, both located on the Lower Level of Raynor.  For the editing room, you must check in with the Digital Media/Reserves desk to unlock the door.

FAQs for the Studio Room

What is the Studio Room?

The studio room is reservable space devoted to digital media projects. The room includes workstations for both Mac and PC platforms with an array of software applications.

Are these the only computers with creative/digital media software on it?

No. All of the Macs in the Digital Scholarship Lab are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and iMovie. Only the studio room computers are equipped with Final Cut 7 and Avid.

Can I use the Studio Room for group study?

The studio is reserved only for digital media projects and can be reserved (by currently enrolled students only) by accessing the LibCal form at

Can I get help while working in the Studio Room?

Digital Media tutors are available for additional technical help, M-Th 4-8 PM or by appointment through the media consultation form. The student staff on duty can be located outside the room in the Mac area. For dedicated help on a project, request a media consultation.

Can I just walk-in and use the room?

If you desire to use the studio, you must reserve it even in a “walk-in” scenario.

How long may I reserve the room?

Patrons (or groups) may reserve the room for up to two-hour blocks

When is the room available?

The room is available when the media desk is staffed:  M-F 8 a.m. - 10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.


The Studio Room is not a 24-hour service and is only available to be reserved when the media desk is staffed. The room remains locked when not in use.