Asia: Article Search

This Guide supports interdisciplinary projects and events on Asia held at Marquette University.

Good Places to Start

Any one of these three databases provides a good place to start for further research into contemporary Asian affairs. They index primarily academic resources in many languages, although most are in English. You can search all three of them at the same time.  For instructions on how to do that go to the box below this one.

Search PAIS, EconLit, and PSA at the same time

To search two, or all three of these databases, at the same time do this:

1.  Log into one of the three databases and then look in the dark blue horizontal bar at the top of the screen for: "You are searching: 1 database (See list/Change)."  Click on Change.

2,  In the list of databases select the others you want to search by clicking in the check boxes to the left of the names.  The one you logged into will already be checked.  Note: Political Science Abstracts will be under W, for Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

3.  Click on "Use Selected Databases" in an orange bar on the upper right of the screen.

Journals used frequently by scholars in this field at Marquette

American Historical Review

China Quarterly

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies

Journal of Asian Studies

Journal of Japanese Studies

Korean Studies

Late Imperial China

Monumenta Nipponica

Social Science Japan Journal

For more journals in this field do the following search in the Advanced Keyword Screen at the bottom of the center column.:

1.  Change the first search window to Subject by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the left.

2.  Enter the following:  asia periodicals.  Or substitute the name of any country for asia.

3.  Click on Submit.

MARQCAT Advanced Keyword Search

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