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Primary Sources in Books at Marquette Libraries

1.  Enter your search terms in the first search window of the Advanced Keyword Search or through the Marquette Libraries Website

Note: it's helpful to break up your topic into separate words instead of phrases.  Suppose you want to search on "women in ancient Greece."  In the first window enter: women and ancient and greece.

2.  In the second window click on the dropdown arrow next to Any Field and select Subject.  Then enter: Sources.  That is the Library of Congress subject heading for primary sources.  If we have any primary sources on your topic published in books, they will show up.

Sample Searches for Primary Sources using MARQCAT's Advanced Screen

Federal Documents on any Country
This search will get you documents produced by any federal agency, including the Congress. 

  1. Change the first search field to Author, then enter:  united states.  (U.S. federal documents always begin with United States)
  2. Change the second search field to Subject, then enter the name of a country, such as:  guatemala
  3. Use the limit fields below the search windows to refine your search by date, language, etc.

Historical Newspapers in the United States
Marquette Libraries have several collections of historical newspapers, online as well as on microfilm.  To find in MARQCAT:

  1. Leave the field at Any Field, enter the following: "early american newspapers" .
  2. Try a similar search on this:  "american periodical series"
  3. See also the Newspapers page on this guide.

Historical Newspapers in other countries

  1. Change the first search field to Subject, then enter:  Ireland periodicals (not Irish periodicals.) 
  2. The format of this search works for any country. 

Women's Diaries 

  1. Leave Any Field in all search rows
  2. In the first three rows enter women then united states, and then diar* in the keyword boxes. 
  3. Try other keywords such as: civil war.

French Revolution

  1. Change the first three field boxes from Any FIeld to Subject.  In each successive row enter france then revolution and then sources in the keyword boxes
  2. Try limiting the search to English in the "Limit to" fields.

Pamphlets in American History
Marquette Libraries own a microform collection of over 17,000 pamphlets on American History. 

  1. Leave the fields at Any Field, enter: "pamphlets in american history" in the keyword box
  2. In the second row, enter a keyword, such as: suffrage. ​

Soviet Union

  1. Change the first search field to Subject, then enter sources
  2. Change the second search field to Subject, then enter soviet union

Add limits, such as material type or language.

  1. Change the first search field to Author and enter united states in the keyword box
  2. Change the second search field to Subject and enter soviet union in the keyword box.. 
  3. Add a third Any Field search and enter a keyword such as: hearings. You can use the same strategy with a country, such as : great britain as an author.