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Try a Subject search in MARQCAT combining Guatemala with one of the following four categories.  They are official Subjects from the Library of Congress, and can be used with any country.  You can use the same strategy in WorldCat:

politics and government
social life and customs
foreign relations

History is a narrower term for the Library of Congress than it is for most historians.  It tends to be wars and revolutions.  All four categories together encompass what historians usually mean by history

Follow these steps:
1.  Go to the MARQCAT Search box below and to the right.
2.  Click on the dropdown arrow by the first window (currently labeled Title) and select Subject.  Enter guatemala in the window to the right and then one of the four categories above, for example:  guatemala politics and government.   Play around until you get comfortable with the categories.
3.  Click on Go.

Also try browsing in the stacks in Memorial Library.  The books on Guatemala have call numbers beginning with F1461 through F1477. Find these books in Memorial Library using this chart to Book Locations.



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