Honduras: History

Find Articles

For detailed instructions on finding relevant articles click on the "Find Articles" tab of the History Guide.  Here are a few extra tips.

Use the database Historical Abstracts.  Click on the Advanced tab and then change the top search window to Subject.  Do a Subject search on the name of a country.  Limit your hits by entering keywords in the search windows below.

Or click on the Clio Notes tab in Historical Abstracts.  The Notes guide you from continents and time periods to subjects within them.  Then they suggest sample searches.

Also try these specialized databases:

Fuente Academica  A full-text database of scholarship in Spanish is strong coverage of Latin America.

Handbook of Latin American Studies  Produced by the Library of Congress, this bibliography is an academic standard.

Hispanic American Periodicals index  An international, multi-disciplinary index of scholarship about Latin America.

PAIS  Focusing on political issues, PAIS has excellent coverage of Latin America in the last three decades.